L2194 Licence Upgrades

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Licence Description

Read the below licence upgrade descriptions and details, then select the required part number from the above drop-down list.

NOTE: To avoid delay, when selecting the licence, please ensure you provide the hardware and electronic serial numbers for the unit you wish to upgrade. These unique details allow us to configure the license for your specific hardware. 

Part No. Description Details
L9553 L2x74 Licence 4 Input Demod  Enables UHF Demod inputs 3 and 4 on the L2x74/L2194 Receiver
L9555 L2x74 Licence ASI Packet Switching Enables ASI Packet Switching for Multi Site applications (using the EXT ASI input connector) on the L2174/L2194 Receiver.
L9556 L2x7x Licence ASI over IP Encapsulation

Enables Transport Stream over IP output streaming.
Input Transport Stream from External input or Demod is passed to the IP output RJ45 interface.

L9554 L2x7x RX Deep Interleaving Enables Deep Interleaving (also required in corresponding Tx).
This can accommodate up to 4 seconds of RF signal loss with no effect on picture continuity.