UltraReceiver & UltraReceiver-LD Licence Upgrades

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Licence Description

Read the below licence upgrade descriptions and details, then select the required part number from the above drop-down list.

NOTE: To avoid delay, when selecting the licence, please ensure you provide the hardware and electronic serial numbers for the unit you wish to upgrade. These unique details allow us to configure the license for your specific hardware. 

Part No. Description Details
ULRX-LICE-0001 ULRX Licence
4K UHD Decode
Enables 4K UHD decoding on the UltraReceiver
ULRX-LICE-0002 ULRX Licence H.264 SD & HD Decode Enables H.264 SD & HD decoding on the UltraReceiver
ULRX-LICE-0006 ULRX Licence
4-Input Demod
Enables UHF Demod inputs 3 and 4 on the UltraReceiver
Allows use of 4 inputs in LMS-T (Single Pedestal Modes), DVB-T and 2 inputs in LMS-T (Dual Pedestal Modes)
ULRX-LICE-0007 ULRX License ASI Packet Switching Enables ASI Packet Switching on the UltraReceiver.
Utilises ASI input of the UltraReceiver, and performs ASI Packet Switching with internal demodulator.
ULRX-LICE-0008 ULRX Licence
4-Input LMS-T (D)

Enables use of UHF Demod inputs 3 and 4 in LMS-T Dual Pedestal Mode.

*Requires pre-installation of ULRX-LICE-0006 to be licensed first*